Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is a Cuban designer who is behind one of the most sought-after sunglasses brands in the world. Betancourt left Cuba for Venezuela to pursue his dreams of becoming a fashion designer. He was inspired by European eyewear, mostly flat with a wide bridge and nose pads while incorporating elements of popular American styles like coke bottle glasses.

The iconic Spanish brand is known for its distinct eyewear styles, and the company has been featured in world-renowned publications such as Vogue. Alejandro Betancourt invested three hundred dollars in starting his business, and today the company has an annual turnover of one hundred million dollars. The sunglasses are made by hand in Havana, Cuba, and each pair is unique from the other due to its handmade manufacturing process.

The brand is known for its eccentric designs that reflect the owner’s personality. The Cuban culture inspires the brand’s designs. The company has gained a good reputation for its original designs, and celebrities have worn its sunglasses. The sunglasses were marketed by hawkers in New York, Miami, and Havana streets. Alejandro Betancourt has re-released his original designs with a new color range, now available in most online stores.

His marketing strategy is based on viral marketing and a will to create an image of exclusivity. Betancourt has stated that his brand is priced high because he believes that quality comes at a low price and that the true value of the public should not be compromised. The sunglasses are not sold in regular stores but are available worldwide in stores such as the Sunglasses Shop and Accessorize.

Alejandro Betancourt increased his investment to produce more styles and to advertise and promote his brand. He was honored by the Cuban authorities, who appreciated his work and the positive image he created for Cuba. Betancourt believes in quality products that can satisfy customers’ demands. Betancourt also employs young designers to help him create fashionable styles that appeal to consumers to prepare for future developments in fashion.

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