One of the best ways to experience college life is by immersing yourself in it. Having a home away from home is a great way to enjoy your time earning your degree.

Pros of Living in Residence Halls

College is the best opportunity to start a new life as the person that you were always meant to be. You can present yourself as a different person. Being in the dorms puts you in the middle of San Francisco, which is full of creative people and establishments. You’ll also be surrounded by campus buildings.

Although there are many reasons to stay at home and commute to school, there are also many reasons to live on campus at the Academy of Art University.

  1. Collaborate With Others Living in the Residence Halls

In the dorms, you have a built-in audience. Some people are studying different things, but you are all creators. You will make new friends who are interested in doing the same thing, and you will be able to work together on projects.

  1. Be Near All of the Fun

The Academy of Art University’s residence halls is located in the center of San Francisco. This means that you are close to some of the city’s most popular attractions such as the Golden Gate Park, The Palace of Fine Arts and Chase Center.

  1. Easy Access to All Amenities

The Academy of Art University’s professional facilities and workshops make it easier than ever to create amazing works of art. You’ll have access to various equipment and tools that are designed to simulate a real-world work environment.

  1. Yummy Food at the Food Hall

The Academy of Art University’s dining services is available across the city. We’ve made it easier for students by providing them with various meal plans. You can also use your student ID to pay for food at any of the university’s off-campus locations.

Cons of Living in the Residence Hall of Academy of Art University

It’s tough to find cons of living in the residence halls after you find out how many benefits there are. However, you may find yourself missing your family, home cooking and your hometown. Connect: