Eric Lefkofsky and his company Tempus are making great strides in the world of AI and customized healthcare. Since its founding Tempus has been at the forefront of advanced medical technology and this trend continues with its launch of its data sharing and platform, Lens Platform. According to Eric Lefkofsky, the platform is setting the bar when it comes to providing clinical and molecular datasets that scientists and researchers throughout the healthcare industry can easily access. 


Not to mention, these same experts will have on demand access to a collection of data and advanced precision medicine tools that would cut out much of the time it traditionally takes for there to be advancements in the medical field. For Eric Lefkofsky, the true beauty of Lens may lie in its ability to give researchers and physicians a variety of options to use the platform’s expansive library of useful medical data. Lens also makes it easier for scientists and researchers to share information and collaborate thanks to the data sharing tools it possesses.


What Eric Lefkofsky is at the helm of is a truly pioneering endeavor that has real-world data as a main proponent in guiding care and accelerating drug discovery and development. The Tempus business model saves the healthcare system money as well, due to scientists and analysts essentially being able to rent data for short term usage and not having to pay when they no longer need the data. In a nutshell Tempus helps accelerate innovation itself by avoiding the paywall scientists and researchers have to go through to access the data.