Building business partnerships has always been the main reason large and influential organizations have been in the market for a long time. These entities do not want to attempt anything complex in the market without the support of the other entities in the same industry. The aspect of partnership among businesses is the technique that Edgard Corona has been trying to incorporate in Bio Ritmo and the other organization he has been bringing into the entire market. Edgard Corona believes that the startup companies have been making major business mistakes because they have been working alone. In the revamped business world, it is very challenging for an organization to succeed in its industrial operations if it is working alone. In this case, Corona has decided to ensure that SmartFit is building some important partnerships with other important organizations in the market.

Obviously, there are some essential benefits that Edgard Corona will be looking to ensure that SmartFit has gained through the aspect of industrial partnerships. The first and the most important benefit that he is looking to incorporate in the operations of the business involve the aspect of getting some important leadership techniques from the companies that have been in the market for an extended period. Obviously, those entities that have been in the business environment for an extended period already know how to handle some complex issues in the market. Another important benefit that Edgard Corona has been looking to get while working in this business environment involves the understanding that such organizations cannot compete with the organizations that have been in the business environment for very many years. This means that the only way that the smaller entities can survive in the market is to ensure that they are collaborating with such huge entities to avoid direct confrontations and more