Caribou For the crew at Caribou, the mission is to provide premier transportation services for your business. The company delivers, picks up and transports packages to and from anywhere in the world.

Their delivery service is fast. Caribou is a delivery and courier company in the U.K., and the domestic service spans across the region. When e-commerce companies want to fulfill their customers’ orders quickly, this is the company they turn to. The organization is one of the leading courier companies in the country. They can handle packages of all sizes, including an envelope of documents that need to go cross town.

Their international services are equally as efficient. Caribou has the most state-of-the-art technology that connects then to shipping partners anywhere on the globe. The parcels are never left sitting in a warehouse waiting for its next destination. The delivery service is seamless, and processing is handled swiftly.

Caribou offers an innovative package tracking system. Customers need only click on the “Track My Parcel” prompt on their website, and they are led directly to the tracking page. Next, you enter the package number and the postal code, and the location of your package is immediately displayed.


Caribou lives up to its promises. Customers are given an estimated arrival time for their parcels, and the company will always meet, and often beat, that timing. Yoor shipment will arrive at the recipient’s doorstep securely end in tact. All of their services are designed to deliver excellent and reliable service to their customers. Caribou is considered a pioneer in the industry.