Steve Lesnard is the Global VP of Product and Marketing of the company The North Face which is an outdoor recreation products company. They produce outdoor clothing, footwear, and anything related to outdoor activities. Mr. Lesnard was invited in a podcast named “Marketing for the Now” where he discussed how their company is adopting to new marketing strategies being used today due to the advancement of technology.

The podcast was somehow focused on media planning which is how they will use social media platforms to promote their products to their consumers. He mentioned here that one of the things they are doing is a mobile-first approach in their advertisements. According to him, the mobile-first approach somehow forces them to think very differently because even if they are focused on advertising on social media platforms, there are still different medium or channel in advertising in that platform. Some examples are tiktok, linkedin, facebook, and other social media platforms. Even though they are all regarded as social media platforms, the type of advertisement you will use in those platforms are still different and you should think about it carefully because you must remember that the consumers should be persuaded by the advertisement you will create regardless of it being a short video, image, blog, or anything.

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