Ross LevinsohnA man of tremendous knowledge and unmatched grit, Ross Levinsohn is a savvy businessman through and through. Applauded for his marketing, technology, and sports know-how, Levinsohn is as multifaceted as he is entrepreneurial. Though he’s a tycoon of several trades, Levinsohn’s primary expertise lies in production and media. In fact, he’s currently the CEO of Maven, which is a media company under Sports Illustrated’s umbrella.

Before claiming the title of Maven’s CEO, Levinsohn worked for HBO, AltaVista, and CBS SportsLine, among countless other corporate giants. After 10 years in the business realm, Levinsohn became the president of Fox Interactive Media. Undoubtedly a turning point in his career, Levinsohn proved his prowess as a leader early on. As a result, he rose to great prominence and, in turn, earned a distinguished reputation. Before long, Levinsohn was ready to explore entrepreneurial waters.

In 2014, Levinsohn challenged himself when he created a strategic advisory firm. With guidance from his partner, Levinsohn established Whisper Advisors. In short, this highly sought-after agency counsels business executives on the inner workings of their operations. With this illustrious feather in his cap, Levinsohn was keen to see what other opportunities awaited him.

In the years following, Levinsohn was employed by Tribune Publishing, Thryv, and Sports Illustrated. With a wealth of experience under his belt, Levinsohn was a shoo-in for the CEO position at Maven. When he’s not making great strides in his career, Levinsohn enjoys investing in entrepreneurs on the rise. Between his professional accomplishments and personal achievements, Ross Levinsohn has led a wildly successful and rewarding life.