The online dating company Match Group and dating app, Tinder have grown while under the tutelage of Greg Blatt. His interview with IdeaMensch tells us his prospective on both success and failure and how it relates to learning from each. Greg Blatt is the mastermind behind the ideas that are brought to the table, and compliments those who work hard to bring those ideas to fruition.

He is the CEO and Executive Chairman of and Tinder, Greg Blatt shares his belief in the importance of asking why in order to promote growth. His young daughter’s favorite question is “why?” and he has realized that by asking why, he has been able to better understand the needs of those who hope to meet someone within the world of online dating. His idea of using videos to bring singles together has helped close the gap that make long distance relationships difficult.

During his interview with IdeaMensch, Greg Blatt talks about being constantly aware that our future is not set in stone. He has learned that change may occur, therefore the future may remain unknown. Keeping this in mind, he expanded his vision and he and his colleagues have started new businesses.

Blatt didn’t limit himself to just one or two companies. In some, they saw growth, and while others didn’t succeed, he did not let their failure stop him from trying.

Greg was raised in Boston, attended Colgate University in upstate NY, and has a degree in literature. He took time off after graduating to travel and settled in the town of Telluride, CO, living in a tent while tending bar. He attended law school, then practiced law in NYC. His experience practicing entertainment law has allowed him to become CEO of the online dating site, and the online dating app Tinder. See related link for more information.


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