2020 began on very high spirits for many investors. People had made great plans for the year because they knew everything was going to work out just perfectly. In the third month, however, things went from being normal. The WHO announced the corona pandemic, giving some strict measures for the whole global community. The worst thing about the health pandemic was the fact that there was no available cure.

Some nations would register over one thousand deaths in a day, and this scared many people in the world. To secure the health of everyone in the community, healthcare officials gave out some very strict guidelines for everyone in the world. With the new rules, businesses remained closed for many hours.

The workers in many institutions couldn’t go to work. For businesses with modern operational process, virtual work was very effective. Those who couldn’t handle the new practices remained away from their work. With all the tight activities in the world, many investments made huge losses, apart from wise and intelligent professionals. Min-Liang Tan; the Razer CEO, didn’t suffer like most people. It came as a shock to many individuals that the businessman had already made over one billion profits in revenue.

Razer has carved an incredible name in the gaming space. Initiated in 2005 by Min-Liang Tan and Robert Krakoff, the firm has increased its marketability in designing and developing a wide array of gaming devices. Min-Liang Tan started his career venture as a lawyer in Singapore. During this time, he recognized that the realm did not blend his creative needs prompting him to pivot towards entrepreneurship’s niche field.

Razer, according to Min-Liang had set its target for the past year. The amount of revenue Min-Liang Tan expected was not too high because he was already used to the market trends. With the stay at home regulations, gaming become a solution to many individuals in the global community. This meant that the company had more customers than ever before.

Min-Liang Tan has some strategies set in place for the future of his blooming business. The leader, in his most recent interviews, has expressed his concern to having the company remain sustainable in its operations in the next ten years. The leader has been getting major transformations in the last few years, and he wants to make ideal decisions for the future. Refer to this profile on LinkedIn, to learn more.


More about Min-Liang Tan on https://sg.finance.yahoo.com/news/global-gaming-giant-razer-ceo-on-crossing-the-1-bn-sales-milestone-while-sitting-on-600-m-cash-pile-114512558.html