Dr. Natale AndreaPart of the process of being a doctor is conveying what you know to the next generation. Over time, doctors learn a great deal about their fields. This allows them to become better doctors. It also means they know what they are doing when it comes to patient care. Someone who has long been involved in the process of working with other doctors as well as patients is Dr. Andrea Natale. Dr. Andrea Natale has had a long and impressive career in medicine. As a young man in Italy, he knew that he wanted to be part of the field of medicine. As he grew up, he realized that it had much to offer him. He was lucky enough to have the chance to learn from others in the field. This is something that he wants to do in his own career. Mentoring is at the heart of his work in the field of medicine. Each day, he thinks about ways that he can convey what he has to stay to others doctors and help them become better at their work.


With that goal of mentoring in mind, it is no surprise that the doctor has take additional steps to engage in it. That is why he has been very much the person who gets a conference known as EP-Live in order every other year. This conference is all about making sure that doctors can meet with each other and exchange important ideas about what is happening in this field. The conference allows his ideas about mentoring to come to life. Every single doctor who wants to attend is given the tools they need in order to help them figure out what they need to know to become better doctors. This is very much what Dr. Natale has always done in his career. He has always been there to help with the process of supervising the next generation of medical professionals. For the doctor, it is all about handing down what he has learned to others in the field and helping the master this field of medicine.